How to Refresh Fading Siding

Do you really need new siding, or do you just need brighter siding? If you're counting your pennies this year, a new siding project can feel like a lot to swallow-particularly if your update is purely aesthetic. Often, siding that's perfectly functional gets tossed due to its outward appearance.

Take, for instance, aluminum siding. Rot-resistant, durable, and corrosion-proof, it's one of the most steadfast siding materials around. Unfortunately, while aluminum itself can stand up to virtually any extreme condition the elements can cook up, the anodized paint on its surface often wears away after a few decades outside. For many homeowners, it can feel like a waste to rip off perfectly serviceable siding just because it's seen a little wear. But living with drab or rundown cladding is no fun, either.

Vinyl also fades over time, particularly when it's regularly exposed to intense sunlight. While most siding warranties guard you against some level of fading, the level of protection differs vastly from company to company. So there's not necessarily a guarantee that fading will be covered-even if the siding itself is still quite serviceable.

Luckily, there are ways to brighten up siding that's seen better days-for a fairly affordable price, too. Cleaning and even restoring siding are all possible options, and they cost a lot less than a full residing project.

Using A Restoration Product: Results May Vary

Using A Restoration Product: Results May Vary

What about commercial siding cleaners? Restoration products do exist, but they're not typically recommended. Typically, the cleaners used by professionals are fairly expensive (think: $400 for a 5-gallon bottle)-and the results are amazing!

Still No Luck? Call Out the Pros for an Industrial-Grade Cleaning

Truly stubborn grit and grime may call for a more serious cleaning. That's when it's time to tap the know-how of a professional. A pressure washing company can help you get rid of heavy stains and dirt. House cleaners know their way around a pressure washer and typically use low-grade pressure and safe cleaners to keep siding safe from damage.

Of course, professional work always comes at a premium. Budget around $275 to $400 for house cleaning services, depending on the size of your home and the average costs in your area. That's still much cheaper than residing your home! Call us now for a fast free estimate over the phone to have your siding restored.